Emily Michele Berry is a passionate, creative person who deeply values the magnificence of life and connecting to the magick all around her. She is a creative artist and certified energy healer who shares her unique flavors of empathy, intuition, and seeing the best versions in all things within all of her work. She likes to weave her divine femininity, creative passion, and desire to help others heal through both her art and service to others. Her mission is to help people wake up to their highest potential and create more good, beauty and JOY on this planet.

Emily has an extensive background in visual arts and hold a Bachelors of Science Degree in Fashion Design from the University of Cincinnati. She has always found a deep connection to spirit and knowing more of herself when expressing through clothing and visual art, and her current medium of choice is acrylic on canvas. You can see more of her artwork here!

After battling against depression, anxiety, and creative and spiritual blocks most of her life, she asked the universe to bring her an answer to help her heal her life. In 2015, Emily received a Life Activation and started seeing significant changes that lead her to study Hermetics and become a Certified Energy Healer and Ritual Master within the Modern Mystery School. She uses her spiritual gifts and years of training to help others heal and create a life that is worth LOVING. She has the honor of working with a passionate team of healers at the Modern Mystery School Texas in Austin.