Emily Michele Berry is an Artist, Lightworker and Licensed Massage Therapist who deeply honors the creative and healing aspects within each of these expressive outlets. She enjoys exploring where they interweave in extraordinary, magickal ways. Her mission in life is to share just how beautiful and enjoyable life can be through each moment she cherishes as a unique embodiment and expression of the Divine Feminine.

Emily has made art since being able to hold onto a crayon and feels highest on life when she is lost in a meditative creation process. Her mediums of choice are acrylics and watercolor, and she is always inspired by the divine feminine power and how it is mimicked, nourished, and enhanced within nature.

Certified from the 500hr program at The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School, she graduated with outstanding grades and rave reviews on her intuitive, healing nature. After learning the anatomy and physical applications of how to help people heal through touch, she found that there was a greater aspect that was missing from the equation. She began to dive deep into the plethora of metaphysical classes and healing sessions offered from the beautiful lightworkers at Activate Austin, which empowered her to know herself on a more spiritual and deeper level. She decided to train with the pure, lineage-based teachings handed down by the Modern Mystery School and became both a Certified Life Activation Practitioner and a Healer. These investments and intensive trainings allow her to provide the same healing modalites that have sparked the Light within her and to this day continues to improve her state-of-existence.

Emily hails from “the heart of it all” in Ohio and currently lives “deep in the heart” of Austin, Texas. She holds a Bachelor’s in Fashion Design from the University of Cincinnati and like to express her personality through her unique style. She enjoys yoga, running, exploring the outdoors, reading, meditating, dancing, preparing and eating delicious and healthy vegan foods, drinking copious amounts of tea, laughing with amazing friends, and traveling this gorgeous world.

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