The Ensofic Ray is the purest and first Ray of Creation. This Divine energy flows through the practitioner during these sessions and provides physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing to the receiver, restoring you back to your original state of feeling Joy and Harmony!

Benefits of Ensofic Ray Healings can include:

  • Clarity and Balance
  • Release past wounds and traumas stuck within your body
  • Restored sense of overall unity and peace within
  • More Light and Joy found within each moment
  • Alleviate depression, reduce stress and anxiety,
  • Ease your physical dis-eases and pains
The Ensofic Ray™ Healing Modality is a series of three, 1-Hour sessions that are typically done 5-7 days apart.


  • The first session : focus on destroying blockages in your physical body and energetically find balance within.
  • The second session : your soul and spirit will feel completely refreshed after receiving and sealing the Twelve Rays of Creation into your energy field!
  • The third session : a customized session targeting your health and wellness goals is created. This can include Bad Habit Correction, Physical and Emotional symptoms, and overall relaxation.

All 3 sessions of this transformational modality must be received in this order and can be bought in a pack or paid for individually. Additional targeted sessions may be received after completing the series.

  • Three, 1-Hour Session Series for $200 each ($600 for the full package)

Additional Offerings:

  • One Custom Session for $200
  • Add Reiki into your massage session! 20 minutes for $40 or 30 minutes for $50.