Ensofic Ray ™

Ensofic Ray is the purest and first Ray of Creation. God, the Universe, Source Energy, whatever you might call Divine Connection – this pure energy flows through the practitioner during these sessions and provides physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing to the receiver, putting you back to your original state of being. Feel your whole being enveloped in Love and Joy and start feeling in harmony with your own Godliness.

Benefits of Ensofic Ray Healings can include:

  • Clarity and better understanding of your Life Purpose and Limitless Potential
  • Let go of past wounds and traumas in your body
  • Restored sense of overall unity and peace within
  • Bring Light in your life
  • Alleviate depression, anxiety, dis-eases and pains

Interested in booking a session or having a consultation? Contact Emily to take the first step towards feeling relaxed and rejuvenated! Want to check out a community session before diving into the full modality? Join us at Activate Austin for one of our group healing nights!

 Full Ensofic Ray (TM) Healing Modality

This is a complete package of Three 1-Hour sessions that are done 5-7 days apart. The first session focuses on destroying blockages in your physical body and balancing energetically with Source Energy. The second session gets down to your soul and spirit level where the Twelve Rays of Creation are drawn and sealed into the client’s energy field. The third session is carefully customized for each client depending on what they wish to achieve from these sessions and where they’re at energetically at the time of treatment. All 3 sessions of this transformational modality must be received and can be bought in a pack or paid for individually.


  • Three 1-Hour Session Series for $200 each or $600 total

Ensofic Ray Reiki (TM) Add ons to massage:

  • One 20-minute session for $40
  • One 30-minute session for $50