So, you have received the Life Activation and have began to see amazing results unfold! Your spiritual DNA has been turned on, you feel more bonded with your Higher Self… but you are hungry for MORE and ready to take your potential to the next level. Where do you go from here?!

The Life Activation lights up your Divine Blueprint, and the Full Spirit takes you a step further, igniting your Soul Body and inner energetic structures (also known as the Chakras), thus giving you a stronger connection to navigate through your world. This ancient process re-kindles fundamental sources within your “old brain” and anchors them to your core energy powerhouses, filling in that feeling of separateness. To create a new, harmonious world, we must first let go of our old conditioning and mindset, and this activation is your acceleration key to feeling that JOY! The Full Spirit Activation opens your mind to understand at a more profound level the beauty, divinity, and connection that resides within and without our world.

Start cultivating a True, life-long relationship with your Soul Body! Included in this session, the following energy alignments center and stabilize you for receiving the Activation; 16 Lotus Petal Awakening, Chakra Balancing, and Tree of Life Awakening.

This is a one time, 1 hour session for $250, which includes a 1-month supply of vibrational elixirs that will assist in the integration of this energy, and are held at the crystal-gridded, sacred healing room at Activate Austin.

If this sounds like the missing puzzle piece your Soul has been searching for, please contact me to arrange an appointment!