Healing Arts

After witnessing the positive progression from receiving her own Life Activation in 2015 and becoming licensed in Massage Therapy, Emily had a deeper understanding that there was more than just our physical bodies to heal. This led her to study the same powerful, energetic tools that have helped her change her life radically for the better. The Lineage Training and Certifications have been handed down from teacher to student for thousands of years and has proven through experience to help others grow in their spiritual evolution.

Trained and certified in the ancient lineage of King Salomon, Emily offers an array of energy work at Activate Austin that awakens you to your highest potential. It is time to let go of your past trauma and frustrating patterns that no longer serve you, and find alignment with your spiritual, God/dess Self!

Where to start your own journey :

• Step Two : Full Spirit Activation
• Step Three : Ensofic Ray Series


Other healings offered :
• Shamanic Aura Healing – 1 hour, $150  
• Life Purpose Reading – 50 minutes, $200
• Spark of Life Distance Healing – 1 hour, $200
• Ensofic Ray™ Reiki Distance Healing – 1 hour, $200
• Accuphotonics (Laser Light Healing) – 1 hour, $150
• Essential Oil Healing – 1 hour, $150
• Aura Healing – 1 hour, $150 
• Akashic Crystal Reading – 50 minutes, $150
• Crystal Healing – 1 hour, $150
• Personal or Group Guided Meditations (Max Meditation System)
Other services offered :
• Initial Consultation – 45 minutes, $50 (this fee goes towards your first healing)
• Integration Phone Call – 1 hour, $75
• Integration Meeting – 1 hour, $100

If you are interested in receiving Energy Healings, contact Emily to book your session! Want to learn more, or have a question about these amazing healings? Let’s schedule a consultation and chat over tea on what tools will best serve you! Please note that all energy healings are done at Activate Austin; a community of caring Certified Energy Healers who are changing the world by helping you live your life of passion and purpose!