Where to start your own journey :

• Step One : Life Activation + Full Energetic Clearing

• Step Two : Full Spirit Activation

• Step Three : Ensofic Ray Series

• Step Four : Empower Thyself (Currently available from a Certified Guide at Modern Mystery School Texas or Worldwide!)

Other Healing Offered:

Shamanic Aura Healing, Life Purpose Reading, Core Will Infusion, Fire Soul Infusion, Spark of Life Distance Healing, Ensofic Ray™ Reiki Distance Healing, Accuphotonics (Laser Light Healing), Essential Oil Healing, Aura Healing, Akashic Crystal Reading, Crystal Healing, Personal or Group Guided Meditations (Max Meditation System).

Other services offered :

An Initial Consultation, Integration Phone Calls, Integration Meetings.

If you are interested in receiving an Energy Healing, contact Emily to book your session! Want to learn more, or have a question about these amazing healings? Let’s schedule a consultation and chat over tea on what tools will best serve you! Please note that all energy healings are done at The Modern Mystery School Texas; a community of caring, Certified Energy Healers who are changing the world by helping you live your life of passion and divinity!