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The Modern Mystery School is a group of passionate and Certified Healers who are here to bring forth positive change on this planet! These healings, classes, initiations, and programs are here to empower you truly get to Know Thyself. Humans are here in this physical existence for a preciously short amount of time, so why would we not live our lives in peace, love, expression, and creativity?!

With the metaphysical and spiritual tools handed down through the unbroken line of the Lineage of King Salomon, over 3,000 years of knowledge, experience, and understanding is here NOW to help you pave the way on your own unique path towards Divinity!

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Gudni Gudnason is the Founder and High Ipsissimus of the Modern Mystery School. He brought one of the seven hidden schools out into the public in 1997 after his own intensive, spiritual training for many decades. Gudni shares these profound, ancient teachings and magick all over the globe. He is a creative artist, Kabbalist, Templar Knight, Ritual Master, and embodies a life of Royalty and Joy to inspire others to embrace their inner God/Goddess!

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