Shamanic Aura Healing

Our Aura is a complex, energetic structure that is made up of 7 layers that radiate 50 feet around our physical bodies. They hold within their fields different thoughts, behaviors and patterns, emotions and feelings, and affect our overall health. From day-to-day activities and interacting with others, we can sometimes pick up what is going on in people’s Auras, causing us to perhaps feel off-balance, not “like ourselves”, or even become sick.

With the Shamanic Aura Healing, Celestial and Mother Earth blessings are received during this session and positive energy is sealed within your energetic structures. This cleanses your Aura back to it’s pure original state by lessening pollution that has accumulated in your energetic field. It is very useful for those who are about to travel, are in service or healer industries, or feel like a boost of energy and protection are in need. Lighten up and reconnect to your sacred roots and Divine inspiration!

The Shamanic Aura Healing takes 45 minutes and is $100.