Emily Michele has worked on me numerous times over the past year and a half with massage and many of her other healing modalities. Emily has such a beautiful and intuitive way with her clients and is able to caress your soul in a way like no other healer I have experienced.
It wasn’t until I received the Ensofic Ray™ Healing Modality Series with Emily that I was able to truly feel the power of her gifts. The three sessions has left me yearning for more of this transformational series. With each session I felt myself dive deeper into my own depths and I was able to refocus my intention on releasing what no longer served me. Emily has such a caring and nurturing energy and anytime I needed a moment to myself she was right there to help me catch my breath.
I highly recommend all of the healing modalities that Emily offers, but ESPECIALLY the Ensofic series as this really was a special and holy experience. Thank you Emily, I will most definitely be back for more!

- Stacie Haynes, Stylist and Energy Healer in Austin, Texas


“I felt amazing after my Life Activation Session with Emily. I felt like old thought patterns and negative energy were shifted. I have also noticed things in my life changing. There are a few mental and energetic blocks I felt that were keeping me from moving forward in different areas of my life. After our session I felt more movement in my life overall. Super grateful!”

- Hilary Kuhlmey, Singer, Songwriter, and Voice Teacher in Austin, Texas

“Not only is Emily a skilled, detailed, and caring massage therapist–she also has a remarkable healing presence, clear energy and connection, and sensitivity to your needs.  I highly recommend receiving bodywork with her, especially if you are energetically sensitive.  As a healer and energy worker with discerning tastes and standards, Emily has the care and clarity that I look for in a bodyworker, and my self-care regimen includes seeing her on a regular basis so that I can function at an optimum level of wellness and joy.”

- Vanessa Nova, Spiritual Guide & Healer in Austin, Texas

“I am so grateful to have experienced a Life Activation with Emily. Emily has a gentleness and kindness that causes you to feel so safe, and allows you to open up to such deep levels of healing. She brings a reverence and sense of beauty to her work that leads to magical transformation and healing. Book a session with her! Believe me, you will be so glad you did!”

- Dr. Sean Carey, Chiropractor and Lightworker in Newburyport, MA

“Emily is a true goddess living and breathing among us. I am so grateful I received her Life Activation! Since our session, I’ve been much clearer when making goals, have started doing things in alignment with my Higher Self that I avoided for a while before, and felt a greater sense of peace, even when anxiety has come up. I no longer feel stuck, I appreciate where I am in my life, and I am making strides toward becoming who I know I am inside and achieving outer success as a result. Thank you so much for your loving, healing light, Emily! You have touched my life in ways words cannot express.”

- Anslee Connell, Singer/Songwriter in Austin, Texas